Removal of Spots

Some spots will come out during the extraction cleaning process, but often reappear within a few hours to a few days, as the result of “wicking” (water and dirt rising to the surface) that occurs during the drying process. This is because the spot was not properly removed. We remove spots properly after vacuuming and before cleaning. It is a good idea to remove spots as soon as they appear, even before the area is scheduled for cleaning. The sooner spots are removed, the easier they are to remove and the less likely they are to cause permanent appearance problems.

What About Pet Stains?

Some carpets are damaged severely from pet urine stains. These stains are usually removable! We offer a special process for effective pet stain removal. It is very thorough and it is provided as a part of our carpet cleaning services, at no additional charge.

Pre-Spray Solution

Pre-sprays loosen and suspend the greasy and oily soils that adhere to your carpet fibers. These are the soils that vacuuming does not remove. Such soils exist everywhere, but are more noticeable, due to their concentration in high traffic areas, such as just inside doorways, in hallways, in front of furniture, etc. These soils are often tracked in from asphalt, automotive oil in driveways and parking lots. In addition, many food and beverage spills fall into this category.

To allow the pre-spray to do its job it should be agitated with a carpet groomer (brush) and allowed to dwell for 5 to 10 minutes to loosen and emulsify the soil. The process is similar to soaking dishes before washing them, in order to allow dried food to loosen.

If you have known chemical allergies, please let us know. We have a special group of products that are hypoallergenic. We can also clean with clear water to remove soil.

Mechanical Agitation

For carpet needing restorative cleaning, a special rotary jet extraction machine is used to loosen deeply embedded soils. This additional agitation offers spectacular results. The jet extraction machine has 5 vacuum slots and 5 spray jets that spin, spray and vacuum simultaneously on the carpet, producing tremendous deep-cleaning action.


carpet cleaning before and after

High volume extraction removes more soil than other systems because it uses super-heated water flowing quickly under intense pressure to flush away dirt. Then a powerful vacuum system recovers 94% of the water, leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Carpet Protection

Most carpets have a stain/soil protection product applied when they are made at the mill. However, these protective coatings wear off and are cleaned off over the years. They need to be reapplied periodically to keep their high protection level.

We spray on our protective finish after the carpet has been cleaned. This enhances the carpet’s ability to resist soil and stains, makes vacuuming more effective, and the carpet is cleaned even better the next time you need our service. Never have your carpets cleaned without the protector be applied. It’s cheap insurance against spills, spots and stains.


There are a number of reasons why it’s┬ádesirable to dry carpet quickly. When carpet takes too long to dry, especially in a warm and humid environment, the possibility of mold and mildew growth becomes a concern. The less moisture left in the carpet, the more quickly it will dry.

Rapid Drying (optional)

To get your carpet dry as quickly as possible, we will ventilate the area well with commercial grade fans and open windows when possible.


The final step is to brush groom your carpet’s pile to enhance drying, to work the protector down into the fibers and to remove machine marks. This service is included with every carpet cleaning service.