What are Customers are Saying About Us

Friendly – Prompt – Reliable

“Very timely, polite and affordable. Very honest and tells you what will work on the carpet and what will not up front. Teaches about maintaining my carpets.”

– Betsy Honeycutt, Weatherford


Timely – Polite – Affordable

“Excellent and very thorough. VCCS was able to get rid of all the cat stains!!”

– MIke and Mill Crow, Aledo


No More Cat Stains

“Very pleased! We were very pleased with the look and feel of our carpets after they were cleaned by your company. Very good price.”

– Pamela Nogle, Weatherford


Top Notch Equipment

“Excellent service and top-notch equipment. I especially like that fact that your company used industrial grade heavy duty equipment with hot water and good suction – not just some “grocery store rental” type of machine.

– Neal and Shirley Waldrep, Weatherford


Cut Down Allergies

“I liked the way everything looked. I will refer you to my friends who get regular carpet cleaning. It will benefit my family if I get my carpets cleaned every three months to help cut down on allergies.”

– Lori Provence, Weatherford


Fast Service

“Excellent courteous, fast and friendly. Fast service – I wanted to show my home to prospective buyers and need to the get the carpets cleaned fast and you came the next day for me!”

– Mike Hamilton, Weatherford


Excellent Service

“Efficient. Thorough and excellent service – the best I’ve ever used in Weatherford. Prompt service in cleaning stains and odors that I couldn’t get out myself.”

– Judy Marquardt, Weatherford


Great Job

“Great job. Carpet along baseboards looks great! I have new looking carpets again.”

– Karen Peysen, Aledo


Looks Like New Again

“Excellent job, had a lot of stains in the carpet and everything came out! Very friendly service and timely. House looks like new again. Thank you!”

– Dawn Adcock, Weatherford


Professional, Prompt and Thorough

“You are very professional and thorough. I also like your whole family. You are honest, and care about people. My carpet looks almost brand new! After several weeks the pile is still fluffy and old stains haven’t re-emerged. I made contact with Valtierra and within 4 days the job was done – with a weekend in the middle! Very fast and convenient for me. My house is on the market and I was worried about some spots on my carpet that I kept treating and they kept coming back. After Valtierra cleaned them, those spots are gone – apparently for good! The carpet looks great for prospective buyers.”

– Marche I. Milam, Milam Supply, Aledo


Good Job!

“Great job! I will continue to use you. I appreciate the way Matt was not just out to get the most money he could, he really cared about doing a good job and for the price that we wanted! I like the way Matt explained exactly what he was going to do and explained what he could get out and might not be able to get out. I appreciated the honesty! My carpets look brand new! We just bought this house and the carpet was terrible, they are awesome now!”
– Amber Oliver, Weatherford


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